9年前、日本に留学のきかけで、日本で有名なクッキングスクール“ABC COOKING STUDIO”で製菓技術が身に付け始めました。





I love baking since I was young.

My father used to travel to JAPAN for business trip and he will always bring back lots of cookies, cakes and etc from JAPAN.

9 years ago, I had a chance to study aboard after finishing my degree. First choice came to my mind was, JAPAN.

That was how i started my baking journey!

I attended the class at one of the famous cooking center in JAPAN called, “ABC COOKING STUDIO” while I was studying my food specialist at St. Mary University, Kyoto.

My baking skill might not be professional as most of yours, but i just love to bake and bake and bake…

I always believe, practice makes thing perfect!

I will share all the baking recipe and knowledge with you all that i learned from JAPAN.

Hope you guys will love it! 20130609-074658.jpg



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