Lemon Chiffon Cake 3

Hi Hi, i am baking a Lemon Chiffon again. This time is baked for my mother-in-law who is going to attend her bible class tonight.

On this morning, i saw my baby was busy playing at his toys in the dining hall. So, i thought it’s the right time to bake since he is busy.

I started to measure all the ingredients, here and there…While i was just started beating on the eggs yolks and sugar, baby is crying all the way towards me…mummy mummy….

I just realized, gosh! bad timing! So…i was one hand carry my baby, one hand mixing all the ingredients. Of course, egg whites need both hands…and my baby cried again while i left him down on the floor.

No choice, cake still need to be baked on time.

It was really like a WW3 to me while baking…still, the result turns out super duper great. It was so fluffy and tall. Not bad…But, next time really must wait till he sleep first then only can bake cake. Otherwise, so messy!!!

Anyway, another happy and messy baking day just over. hehe …….. 2013-08-15 14.34.21
Cover with the plastic chiffon box…just right size…too tall and fluffy until the top of the cover…hehe
2013-08-15 15.17.3920130810-233936.jpg

Lemon chiffon cake

Arghh… baby still not feeling well and It’s super duper hard to make him sleep while he is sick.

I felt I am going to get sick soon. Still, I thought of baking something to relax my mind. So tension!

Since there’s some Lemon in the fridge, so I decided to bake a Lemon Chiffon Cake.

It turns out not really nice as it had so many holes…It’s not good if you rush while baking. That’s the result I got. Sigh!
Anyway, it still looks tall and fluffy. Tomorrow Ask mother in law brings it to office and share with the staffs.

Happy baking day just finished. Hehe…



Lemon Chiffon Cake

What have you done for your weekend? For me, same…busy cleaning new house.

After 2 days cleaning, finally the house is walk-able without feeling dusty.

Still, we need more time to pack and decorate the house.

Hopefully everything goes well!

Tomorrow in law are going to church in the early morning and we were talking about the passion fruit chiffon cake that i baked in the morning.

So, I decided to bake her this Lemon Chiffon Cake to bring along to church for her church member to try.


It turns out super duper tall and fluffy, i was so surprised.

I can’t even close the cover of the paper box even though it’s 7 inch.

So, at the end, i decided to pack it with the plastic chiffon cake box.

And, it fit perfectly! haha….

Will bake other flavor for them to try…at the same time, i can practice my skills too!!!


Orange chiffon cake ~ with Rubine Oven

Hi guys, it’s been quite some time since my last post.

Well, I have moved back to in law’s house as my new house is ready soon. (Same place different unit)

Been busy grabbing things for new house … Don’t even have time to bake!

But, lucky mom is babysitting for me during these few days so that I can do my new house stuff.

I don’t even realised that I have so many baking tools.

Now my kitchen looks like a mini baking tools shop…it’s just 1/3 of it …

2/3 still at mom’s house…when I showed my husband about the kitchen, he almost fainted.

Then he says, “we’ll, kitchen is your base. You are the general.”

Lol….hubby is the best!

Since tools just nearby, I decided to bake again to satisfy my baking needs by using in law’s Rubine oven.
Out of all the chiffon cake I had baked, I chose this orange chiffon cake.

Thought the result might turns out bad, but it was so fluffy and tasty…in law loved it so much…

Hope to bake more to share with everyone.