Buddhist prayer beads

Hi Hi, I am back…It was a fun trip to Japan with my baby, mother and sister.

Especially, it was already 5 years since I came back from Japan.

We felt extremely tired during this trip as we need to walk here and there by carrying my baby.

*sigh* By talking about my baby, he is 16-months 5 days old.

He loves us to cuddle him always while going here and there, without any baby-carrier or stroller.

It was super duper tired thou.

Even though it was tired trip, we still have time to grab some nice and interesting stuff from Japan.

And, I wish to share with you all at here.

In Japan, they have this thing called “Juzu (Buddhist prayer beads)”.

This beads have different meaning and power where Japanese believe by wearing it, “luck” will be changing or power-up.

Here’s some of the beads that i brought back from Japan.

Check it out if you’re interested in any.

1) Pink B.P.B– For Beauty

2) Orange B.P.B-For love
3) Red B.P.B– For recover from sickness

4) Green B.P.B– For health, long life
5) Blue B.P.B– For study


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Baking Tools@Tokyo

Hohoho….finally, I got these baking tools. Yippie!

Been looking around in KL but just couldn’t find the right size and quality I want.

Lucky, I came to Japan and got time to go Tokyo.

So thank you to Tomoko Sensei by telling me where to buy it.

Will go again on next year if got time.



やっと、戻りました。5年ぶりの京都へ〜 🎌









Simply syrup

Do you know why Japanese sponge cake won’t be as dry as normal sponge cake?

It’s because they apply this syrup on the sponge cake to keep it moist.


So, now you got the hints??

Prepare this while you’re going to use sponge cake as a base for any other cake.

You will definitely have the moist texture of the cake.

Recipe £ photo source: daily delicious


100g …………………………… Water
100g …………………………… Sugar
1/4tsp ………………………… Corn syrup (Optional, it will prevent the sugar to crystallize,
………………………………….. but if you don’t keep the syrup too long you don’t need it)


Put the water, corn syrup and sugar into small saucepan and bring to boil, until all the sugar dissolved, take off the heat and let the syrup cool.


Basic chocolate Sponge Cake☆チョコレートスポンジケーキ

Hey guys, it’s baking time.

What did you bake for today?

I baked since early in the morning … By starting with this basic chocolate sponge cake that I found online. It’s so simple to bake and nice to eat.

While it was baking, my family thought I put lots of chocolate into it. Because the smell of the cake just covered the air in the house … cHOCOlAte!!!

Yield: Make 30×30 cm sheet cake
Time: 1hour
Level: ★
Recipe source: dailydelicious


3 ……………………………….. Eggs
90g …………………………… Sugar
70g …………………………… Cake flour
15g ……………………………. Cocoa powder
20g …………………………… Unsalted butter, melted
15g ……………………………. Whipping cream, warm

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
2. Line the 30cm x30cm pan with baking paper.
3. Sift the flour with the cocoa powder and set aside.


1. Whisk the egg until lighten add the sugar gradually until thick and lighten (Thick ribbon stage).
2. Take 1/4 cup of batter and mix with the warm whipping cream and melted butter, fold to combine.
3. Sprinkle the flour mixture over the egg batter and fold to combine.
4.Pour the whipping cream and butter batter back, and fold to combine.
5. The batter will be smooth and thick.
6. Pour the batter into the pan and bake the cake for 14-16 minutes.



Strawberry Mousse Cake☆苺ムースケーキ

Ah huh…i just found that i have a pack of KOREA strawberry in my fridge.

Korea’s strawberry is getting popular in Malaysia now, as compared to the United State’s strawberry, Korea’s strawberry is sweeter and nicer taste.

By the way, have you ever heard about “いちご狩り (strawberry picking)”?
It’s very common in Japan during winter season (DEC to JAN).

You will see there’s lots of strawberry farm organize strawberry picking plan everywhere in Japan.

It is so fun where you can pick and eat strawberry as many as you like….of course, in certain time limit.

Hmm…but still, it’s super duper Yummy!!!

It just reminded me the strawberry picking trip that i went before.

So, i decided to make 草莓慕斯 with my yummy Korean’s strawberry which i found this recipe at dougou.

Photo source: http://www.douguo.com/cookbook/160729.html

Yield: 15cm round pan
Time: 3 hours
Level: ★★★




1. 蛋糕片切成模具大小垫入模具底部备用。吉利丁片用冰水浸泡5-10分钟。

2. 草莓搅打成果泥,和砂糖混合,放入锅中加热,再放入泡软的2片吉利丁片,搅拌至吉利丁融化即可关火。稍凉后加入朗姆酒拌匀。

3. 将鲜奶油200克,砂糖20克混合,打发至6成发泡,即浓稠的能流动的状态。跟草莓果泥混合均匀倒入垫了蛋糕片的模具中,倒入9成满即可,放冰箱冷冻15分钟。

4. 将草莓果酱50克,清水30克混合,加热搅拌,加入剩余的1/2片吉利丁片,搅拌至吉利丁融化关火。

5. 从冰箱取出表面基本凝固的草莓果泥奶油,慢慢将果酱层倒入在表面,再放入冰箱冷藏4小时以上食用。



Here’s another recipe for strawberry mousse (Japanese recipe, translated in English version)…Well, i haven’t try this recipe before as the original recipe i tried was Chinese as the above.

But, i think maybe you guys can try this!!!

Strawberry Mousse
Photo source: cookpad/レシピID : 1328585

Yield: 7 pcs (6cm x 6cm Mousse Film)
Time: 3 hours
Level: ★★★

Note: Please prepare One 18cm round shape cocoa sponge cake, slice it with thickness 1cm.

■ Syrup:
Water 1.5 TBSP
Fine granulated sugar 1.5 TBSP
Framboise liquior 1.5 TBSP

■ Bavarois à la crème patissière (Custard Bavarian Cream):
Milk 125
Fresh cream (fat contain 35%) 125g
Vanilla bean 1/3 stick
Egg yolks 3
Fine granulated sugar 30g
Gelatine powder 2.5g

■ Strawberry Mousse:
Strawberry puree (10% added sugar) 150g
Fresh cream (fat contain 35%) 110g
Gelatine powder 5g
Fine granulated sugar 30g
Framboise liquior 1 tsp
Egg whites 15g

■ Strawberry Jelly:
Strawberry Puree (10% added sugar) 100g
Fine granulated sugar 8g
Gelatine powder 1.5g

■ Decoration:
Whipping cream

■ Directions:

1. Make Syrup: In a small pot, boil water and fine granulated sugar until dissolved, off fire and set aside. Once it’s completely cool down, add in framboise liquior and mix well.
2. Prepare a 18cm round shape cocoa sponge cake with 1cm thickness, use the 6cm x 6cm round ring cut it. Brush it with syrup and put inside the mousse film. (Refer picture below)
Photo source: cookpad/レシピID : 1328585

3. Make custard Bavarian cream: In a small pot, lightly boil the milk, fresh cream and vanilla bean.
4. In a mixing bowl, whisk egg yolks and granulated sugar until yellow pale color, slowly add in milk mixture (3) a little by little. Remove the vanilla bean.
5. Sieve the mixture and pour it back to the pot with small fire, continuously whisk until it become slightly creamy. (Do not overcook the mixture!)
6. Once it became slightly creamy, off the fire and add in the gelatine immediately and whisk well.
7. Put the mixture on top of the ice water bowl, whisk again until become creamy. Pour it on top of the cocoa sponge cake (2), keep it in the fridge for setting.
Photo source: cookpad/レシピID : 1328585
8. Once it’s set, put the second pieces of cocoa sponge cake and brush it with syrup again.
Photo source: cookpad/レシピID : 1328585
9. Make Strawberry Mousse: Whisk the fresh cream until 80% stiff peak, set aside in the fridge.
10. In a small pot, slightly boil strawberry puree and half of the granulated sugar. Off the fire and add in gelatine, mix well.
11. In a mixing bowl, whisk egg white with the rest of the granulated sugar until stiff peak meringue.
12. Put the strawberry mixture (10) on top of the ice water bowl, whisk it until it become slightly creamy, add in fresh cream (9), mix well.
13. Add in (11), gently whisk. Pour in into (8), set aside in the fridge until it set.
Photo source: cookpad/レシピID : 1328585
14. Make strawberry jelly: In a small pot, lightly boil the strawberry puree. Off the fire and add in gelatine powder, set aside in the room temperature.
15. Once (14) is completely cool down, pour it on top of the (13), keep in the fridge again until everything it’s set.
16. Microwave the chocolate. Coat the strawberry in the melted chocolate and set aside for decorating.
Photo source: cookpad/レシピID : 1328585
17. Decoration Assembly: Pipe the whipping cream on top of the mousse, decorate it with the coated strawberry. Serve!

Note: Below is how i assembly and decorate my strawberry mousse cake, a bit different from the original recipe! hehe…still it’s yummy!!! Let’s decorate it in your own ways too!!!



One more week to go, I am going to fly off to Japan with my lovely baby boy, mother and sister. Yippie!!!!

By talking about my sister…she just resigned and started her online business journey.

Insane? haha…well, i think everyone just wanted to be their own boss instead of working for others the whole life, isn’t it?

Basically, her online business is about FASHION…BAGS…BEAUTY….and of course, i think i will be joining her too….by selling BAKING SUPPLIES…

Sounds great right????

All her products are brand new, of course there are some used items which you guys might interested in too.

So far, all her products are new and nice…and she is intended to bring in some ONLY ONE items during our trip to Japan and holiday trip in future…

Well, we just love to travel around….hehehe….

Oh ya, all the baking tools that i used are 99% from JAPAN. only the 1% is local…

As i stated in my “ABOUT PAGE”, i was studying in JAPAN for about 4 years. So, i just get used to all those tools from Japan.

After i joined the BAKING WONDERLAND group in FACEBOOK, i just realized that so many people loves to bake.

Anyway, i will work with my sister to come out the baking supplies album or information as soon as possible.

Stay tuned with us ya!!

But, now you guys can visit our web site in FACEBOOK anytime….cheers!!!!

FACEBOOK URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-ShopMall/133200586871014